Crooked Pictures LLC is an independent film company based in Anchorage, Alaska, owned and operated by Levi A. Taylor.

The FBI ranked Alaska the number one state for violent crime per capita. Growing up here, Levi was exposed to substance abuse, violent crimes and sexual assault from a young age. Levi adored his father, a born-again ex-con minister, but often Papa was the perpetrator of these crimes, though he blamed his actions on a demonic presence. The line between what’s ok and what’s not, what’s real and what’s paranormal blurs.

At Crooked Pictures, we believe the power of media arts is in the ability to break down silence among survivors. We want to unify viewers through connection with a story, maybe making it easier to talk about your own experiences.

Levi’s unique coming of age experiences have motivated a body of work largely inspired by his family story in Alaska. The themes of trauma, survivorship and its sometimes inexplicable effects on the psyche recur throughout his work.

Telling his story through cinema not only helps Levi reflect on traumatic struggles that continue to haunt him--and thousands of others--it creates recognition and connection with other survivors who have also felt isolated by unusual experiences. Friends, family and fans have come forward after watching these films to confess their own stories they’ve felt too embarrassed to share.

Sharing these stories enables others to feel less alone and tells them its okay to talk about their “paranormal” experiences. No matter how common trauma is in your home state, you’re still in the minority. But we hope that, with support, our stories can get told.


Creative Director: Levi A. Taylor
Production Designer: Garrett Martin
Story Consultant: K.T. Froehlich



2018, Jury Award, Best Drama Screenplay, Cannes Screenplay Competition, “The Midnight Son”

2017, Jury Award Winner, Best in Alaska, Anchorage International Film Festival “Conspiracy PIE”

2017, Best Original Score, Blissfest, “Conspiracy PIE”

2017, Audience Choice Award, Southern Colorado Film Festival,“Conspiracy PIE”
2017, Golden Palm Award, Best Screenplay, Beverly Hills Film Festival,  "The Midnight Son"
2017, Bronze Award, Best Screenplay, American Movie Awards, "The Midnight Son"
2017, Honorable Mention, National Institute of Health, "Tatitlek: Change in the Wind"
2016, Semi-Finalist, Shores Scripts, "The Midnight Son"
2013, Best Editing, Beverly Hills Film Festival, “The Darkness”
2013, Silver Lei award, Honolulu Film Festival, “My Time Machine”
2009, Best Short Film, Beverly Hills Film Festival, “Way Up North”
2009, Best Editing, Beverly Hills Film Festival, “Way Up North”
2005, Best Experimental Film, Videomaker Magazine, “Working Nightmare”


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