Premiering at the Beverly Hills Film Festival

April 6th, 6 PM, at the TCL Chinese Theater


The Wight Christmas:

After their father presumably committed suicide, a dysfunctional family comes together for the holidays to unwrap skeletons from their closet.

Adapted from a feature screenplay written by Levi. A Taylor

Copyright 2019, Crooked Pictures

Director Statement:

“When I originally wrote “The Wight Christmas” as a feature, it was intended to be a courtroom drama of sorts taken outside of the legal arena and put into the privacy of a family’s living room. It is a cautionary tale of what happens when bereaved individuals decide to take the law into their own hands. One brother is a police officer, another an attorney, a sister who is a social worker, and a baby brother who has been abused by the black sheep of the family whose dysfunction has dominated their lives for far too long.  The film gives a glimpse to the effect childhood trauma has had on all of their lives—the black sheep especially – and raises the question of where the line is drawn between forgiveness and retaliation. This short film is an adaptation of that story, bringing the audience down a dark trail that leads these ordinary people to conclude that murdering their brother is their only means of solace.”

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